Benefits Counseling

New Federal and State work incentives and supports now make it easier for people with disabilities to go to work. Alpha One Benefits Specialists will explain these new rules and supports to beneficiaries so that individuals can understand, manage and plan for the changes that may occur with their benefits as they return to work.

Benefits Counseling services include:

Information and referral
providing resources on Social Security work incentive rules, Medicaid and Medicare
Benefits analysis
gathering information from consumers and service agencies to create a benefits portfolio
Benefits planning
determining the effects of employment on a consumer’s benefits portfolio
Benefits management
ongoing assistance to consumers to monitor changes in benefits

To be Eligible for Services from our Benefits Specialist, a person must:

  • Be a current SSI recipient and / or SSDI beneficiary
  • Want information concerning the impact of work on their benefits
  • Plan to return to or enter the workforce
  • Be currently employed and need information on reporting current / future wages to the Social Security Administration and need to know how these changes may impact present benefits
  • Be working toward self-employment - have set a goal, enrolled in a vocational rehabilitation program, or have developed a business plan.